The ProSkin Project at Brunel

Download WebRadio The ProSkin Project is the research of Nick Fine and Dr. Willem-Paul Brinkman in the School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics (SISCM) at Brunel University in London. Nick is a 3rd year PhD student and Dr. Brinkman is his supervisor.

The main aim of ProSkin is to find ways in which user interface skins can be customised most effectively in order to provide a more personalised interaction. User interface skins (also sometimes known as themes) allow the user to change the user interface in a number of different ways; themed interfaces, colour and sound changes, button name a few. No doubt you have seen a 'Lord of the Rings' theme for your mobile phone, or perhaps a 'Disney' Windows XP desktop theme. These are both examples of user interface skins. They allow the user to change the look and feel of their application quickly and easily, without the need for programming.

With applications increasingly supporting user interface skins there needs to be some deeper understanding as to how skins can be optimally used to provide a personalised interaction. This is where the ProSkin Project is researching - to determine the affect that user interface skins have on different types of people, so that user interface skins can be created that are designed for you, or people like you....."interfaces your way, right away" so to speak.


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